Hood for an environment of welfare

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A hood sucks smoke produced when cooking or frying and filters odors, moisture and fat. There are two operating modes and a variety of shapes and designs. Recirculating hoods draw room air, filter grease and remove odors from the air through an active carbon filter allows air to return to the fully purified.

Suction hoods are more effective. Also vacuum the air filter and removed but the outside through an exhaust pipe in a vent or a bulkhead. As for the types of hood must distinguish between the wall hoods, island hoods or embedded integrated models under the kitchen cupboard.

What do they look and what features should have a hood?

In terms of design there is plenty of choice. Folding or removable models are very convenient, as they bring to the kitchen the necessary freedom of movement. On the other hand, the so-called vertical bells are elegant. They are installed directly on the stove and smoke absorb where they occur.

The successful operation of a fume hood is determined by the fan power, ie the number of cubic feet of air that the bell can be cleaned in an hour. The power should have the device depends on the dimensions of the kitchen. Generally, a good range hood should aim for an hour between six and eight times the size of a kitchen.

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