Wood kitchens: a classic

Play with contrasts

The wood is, and always will be, a classic material for kitchens. Undoubtedly it is timeless and never gets old. Today, this material from nature back to show its best side. The combination of wood with white offers a particularly beautiful, as it allows fully deploy the warm character of the material.

The plain white provides the perfect setting to draw the eye to the wood grain. The alternation of technical surfaces attractive design “mature” brings tension, but at the same time, it is harmonious whole. Opposites attract and so are left to combine perfectly.

Wood and lacquered sleek

It’s amazing how fascinating it can be the interaction of dark woods and sleek white lacquer. The wood grain, very prominent part, become the center of attention when they are in a bright white. Almost reminiscent of a work of abstract art.

However, the combination of walls and black tile countertops and white front is also expressed in a very unique design language. The kitchens that combine white and gold or black and silver transmitted nobility and exclusivity. This promising partnership gives the kitchen a touch of “neoglamour.”

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